Since all of these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness?

2 Peter 3: 11


Here we have a question that applies to everything that we do, each thought that we have, and all of our life’s work. The simple truth is that our total portfolio of investments, acquisitions, and even the tangible things that we build with our hands will ultimately perish. The simple truth is that people cannot create anything that is not going to decay and eventually be destroyed or replaced in that all of this world is tainted by damaged and decaying molecules that have been infected by sin. Yet, this thought is not a frustrating, futile, or hopeless one; for, it leads to the greater question of holy and righteous perspective and orientation on everything in life.


God created each of us in conformity with His plan, and He designed righteous purpose into us, too. The Lord has something in mind for everyone to do and to accomplish in this life; so, seeking after that purpose in order to fulfill God’s plan is a reasonable consideration as the primary life focus for all who know Christ. I admit that I can get very lost in the process of trying to figure out just what that great purpose is. Some of the time I seem to just spin in circles like a dog chasing its tail trying to catch up with the illusive will of God; at other times, I become over whelmed by my lack of skill, training, and qualifications to even attempt to do the things that God seems to be placing on my heart as dreams. These are times when I let myself believe that these ideas or concepts are too great for someone like me to even attempt to achieve.


All of these struggles are the result of a lack of true focus and can be cured through seeking after the things that the Lord considers to be of real importance. God wants me to look at Him and toward Him first and foremost. Then my gaze is shifted from myself with my obvious inadequacies, and it is placed squarely upon Christ with His complete and total capacity and command of every situation that is before me. Christ wants me to understand how I am to think as His new creation and to live as His committed disciple; then, He will take me into the actions of my life as a natural progression of that relationship with Christ. Thus, my hands can actually create things which will last, and my legacy can be one that endures as my energies are put into living a holy and a righteous life.