Though I am free from all people, I have made myself a slave to all that I might win the more.

1 Corinthians 9: 19


Freedom is something that almost all people prize. It seems that the idea of being free runs at the deepest levels of our beings. It is something that people are willing to fight and to die for, it is a concept that has formed the under girding of numerous revolutions, and freedom is often the life blood of people’s passion for individual and corporate rights. We tend to work very hard to gain our freedom, and the desire to increase it is a major driving force in much of our effort to gain education, societal status, and personal wealth. Still, freedom generally remains both elusive and situational; for, the more we have of it, the greater the weight of responsibility tends to become. Also, as we become more aware of the nature of this world, we start to identify more and more of the potential infringements upon our freedom that are waiting out there to pounce on our backs.


There has been only one person who ever lived who was totally and completely free, and that was Jesus. Unlike the rest of us, He had no debt to pay to sin, and He was not trying to overcome the remaining forces of sin on his heart and mind. Yet, even Jesus was willing to place Himself under the authority of God, the Father, for He understood that obedience was necessary in order for Him to completely serve God’s will by living out His days in service to other people. Although this brought about hard times, momentary excruciating pain, and caused Him to live a humble existence; Christ experienced the complete and the absolute approval and pleasure of the Father, and He brought love, grace, and salvation to anyone who would listen and respond to Him.


Although we have been granted total freedom by God through Christ, we are asked by God to follow after the model that Jesus established. We are called by God to look for ways to serve the needs of others in our world. We are to seek understanding and reconciliation with even the most stridently difficult people; and we are to be the last to assert our own wants, wishes, and desires. Christ wants us to trust Him to the level that we can take the risk of leaving behind the security of our earthly freedoms and enter into the lives of others with an attitude of submission and loving service. This service is not just engaged in on the surface, either, but rather, it is entered into by our whole selves with all that we have and everything that we are set out before Christ as an offering of love to Him. Thus, when we are fully enslaved to Christ, we are finally free.