Jesus said, “He (the Spirit) shall glorify me; for he shall take what is mine and declare it to you. All that the Father has is mine; therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you.”

John 16: 14, 15


God has always had a plan for how He would become close to people again. He also knew the way that that the seemingly impossible division that sin created between us and Him would be permanently repaired. God never wanted to be separated from the people who are the pride of His creative handiwork and with whom He delights in entering into relationship; so, in Jesus, He provided the singular and the total answer to that separation. This was done by and through Christ’s sacrificial death and death-defeating resurrection. Yet, that is just the beginning of the story.


Jesus is God in every sense and in every way; yet, He was also totally human so that He could be the perfect sacrifice for all of the sin that removes us humans from God’s presence. He also demonstrated to us the possibility of living righteous lives in this world; something that is done only in the power and under the guidance of Christ. Then, God gave us another aspect of Himself, the Spirit, in order for us to have a continual, ongoing, and deeply personal connection to His heart and mind; thus, we have direct access to the true will of God for our lives we attain the wisdom and the understanding that we require in order to live out that will.


Thus, God’s plan for connection to any and all people who are willing to trust Him and to believe in Him is completed. The Father gave us Jesus, who left us the Spirit, and in all three of them we have the one and the only true God. God knows each of us completely, for there is nothing that He doesn’t see or comprehend, and His will for each of us is perfect and absolutely loving. He wants each of us to know Him and to relate to Him in the same manner; so, God is delighted when we seek Him and allow His voice to speak to our hearts and to our minds. The Lord pours His love out on us and gives each of us the power, wisdom, and understanding to go into our day with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our message and with Christ’s love as the tone and flavor of its delivery.