Then Pilot said to him, “So you are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. For this purpose I was born into the world – to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.”

John 18: 37


Early in the twentieth century Albert Einstein stated his two theories of relativity, general and special, and set out to demonstrate their implications and impact upon all manner of actions and events in our journey through the universe. In reality, he was stating a small aspect of truth as it related to our physical world. Einstein’s relativity was accurate and valid for use in making certain decisions. Sadly, there is much more relativity among us in our world than just his true form. The concept of what is true has become distorted and is routinely manipulated for the sake of people’s personal viewpoints and to their advantage. Truth is too often framed by ideology or by passion rather being used as the foundation for those outcomes; thus, truth is manufactured out of the desires of people and formed and shaped to meet the needs of our human institutions. This is very far from the truth that Jesus is explaining to Pilot.


Although Jesus was born into this world to “bear witness to the truth,” He was a part of the conception of all that is true, and He was also engaged in that process whereby truth as an essential aspect of the Creator God’s nature and character was spoken forth into the universe. Jesus knew truth, for truth was intrinsic in Him, and He lived out God’s truth in every manner and way during His life on this earth. Thus, Jesus became our living model of what truth is and of what it means to stand for truth and pour truth out into all that a person thinks, says, and does. In reality, living as a person who engages in truth-saying and who grants truth its place of highest honor in the conduct of life is going through the day as one who enters into the holy place of worship of the Lord as a part of the routine practice of living. In our world today, truth is rare, and the practice of this sacrament has been corrupted too much of the time; so, truth has been made into something along the lines of the sordid temple practices that so enraged Jesus when He was in Jerusalem.


It is time for people who know Christ to repent of our untruthful ways and to turn toward the Lord in His proclamation of all that is true. Truth is not relative. It is not shaped by the needs of the day or by conformity to a desired outcome. This thing that is truth is eternal, for it preexisted the creation of our universe, the earth, and all that is on our planet. Truth is, and all else is falsehood and deceit. God’s Word brings truth to us throughout its pages, and the Spirit of Christ grants us insight, wisdom, and application of this holy word of life to everything that comes our way. It is up to me and up to you to listen to the truth that Christ continually bears witness to, and it is our worshipful duty to live out that truth in the conduct of our lives. Truth is eternal, and these convoluted and twisted relative truths that our world sets forth as its gospel will perish from the earth in due time. So, for me, I desire to walk through my days with the voice of truth in my ear and Christ’s redeemed path of righteousness under my feet.