“The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy; I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.” Jesus

John 10: 10


If you have ever had anything stolen from you, you know how it feels. Although the circumstances of the theft and the personal importance of the items that were taken dictate the magnitude of the impact, there is always a very real and highly personal sense that someone has harmed you and that your world has been invaded, and it is the sort of feeling that lasts well after the event is done and the visible damage is repaired. This must be how God felt when Satan invaded His relationship with people, for evil literally broke in to the sacred heart of that relationship, and through deception, lies, and our own weakness, he took light and life from us, and Satan caused distance to come into that marvelously close connection with God that had been its essential nature.


However, the Lord is a lot like one of the characters in any number of films where someone is grievously harmed and then proceeds to search out the evil doer and to take them out; you know the story type, the revenge genre. Yet, God is even more into the thought and the actions of rescue rather than those of revenge, for He comes after everyone, every soul, which is taken from Him; therefore, the Lord comes after you, me, and all of the people that have ever or who will ever live. He is relentless in His pursuit, His plan is perfect, and the Lord will not stop trying to rescue us until we draw our last breath on this earth.


This rescue story doesn’t stop there; for, God wants us to live our lives in a state of peace, joy, and blessing that is like what He originally intended in the garden. The Lord wants us to be continually close to Him, and He continues to work to defeat Satan’s ongoing attempts to rob us of that quality of life. When there are things in our lives that interrupt and that disrupt that close relationship with God, they are usually caused by unresolved areas where sin has taken root in us. These are the aspects of ourselves that we need to submit to the Lord, and these are the issues that we need to open up about with our spiritual family so that we have the support, accountability, and strength to defeat the robber’s attempts to break into our lives. Jesus has already won the victory over Satan, and He has won that same victory for us; therefore, we simply need to trust Him and to claim what Christ intends to be ours.