And now, Lord, for what do I wait?

My hope is in You.

Psalm 39: 7


This life is filled with times of waiting. We go through the years of our youth waiting for the opportunity to make our own way in the world; then, we go through our adult years with anticipation of the time when the dreams of our youth will actually be realized. Yet, frustration has a way of becoming our relentless partner in life as one desire after another is crushed under the weight of reality and as dreams and aspirations are pushed down by the heal of adversity. Sadly, tomorrow can stop being a promise; rather, it becomes a curse.


Still, hope asks for a basis, and its presence can signal a new dawn with its return of those youthful dreams and aspirations. When hope is formed from deep within as it is when it is based on a relationship with Christ, it can speak the language of encouragement to a battered mind and spark the exhausted heart to action. It is hope that helps me to remember that the Lord has promised that He always has answers, and it is hope that causes my eyes to continuously look for that first sliver of morning light that, because of Christ, I know will break through even the blackest of times. Just as the relentless oppression of sin met its answer on the torturous cross, hope in Christ leads to faith in the answers to life’s suffering that God provides.


As I consider the question regarding my waiting, the answer is nothing, for through and in Christ, God has given me everything that I could ever have dreamed, desired, or aspired after. Now He continues to answer each and every need that arises in life. Yet, I am waiting for everything; as, Christ has given us His promise of total victory over the evil that plagues this world and that attempts to destroy the joy of life. Hope points me to the fact that although the pain that I am experiencing is very real, it is also temporary, and hope reminds me that the Lord is the ruler of all and that He wants to fill my soul with the endless blessings of His presence.