For he (Abraham) was looking forward to the city that has foundations whose designer and builder is God.

Hebrews 11: 10


We know the story. What Abraham did was no small thing, for he left al behind and headed out into the hostile unknown in order to respond to what God called upon him to do. He would never know the comforts of a dwelling place that was constructed out of stone or bricks or even of well fitted wood. He would be a tent dweller for the rest of his life, and that was fine with him so long as what he was doing was pleasing to the Lord. Abraham knew that God’s promises to him had a very long duration and a distant horizon of full execution. Although it wasn’t always easy to wait on the development of God’s plan, and Abraham did take things into his own hands from time to time, he was mostly content to trust in the Lord and to dwell in the land of faith and hope. This was not easy to do for him, and it is seldom so easy for us to rest easy under similar circumstances.


Yet, this looking ahead with hopeful anticipation is a part of the journey that God sets most of us on. There are always aspects of trusting the Lord that involve a form of waiting and aspects of hoping and trusting. We trust that what we hear from God in His Word, in teaching, and through what the Spirit says to us is accurate and true. We act upon the sort of input that is typically discounted or dismissed in the world outside of the church; so, in faith, we often do things which defy the logic of the world where we live and the people who we engage with in its environment. This can make people who follow Christ seem to be irrational or even imbalanced to others as we make important, life-altering decisions for reasons that often run counter to all that is of primary importance in society at large. Still, these decisions are made in due consideration of what Christ is saying to us and are founded upon our God-granted understanding that this life is significant for the way that Christ uses it for the sake of the future of His kingdom.


In this way, we join in with Abraham in considering the foundation that is being constructed by God’s hand as He works through our small efforts. We may see only a stone or two of that wall as it is laid out upon the ground of our world. We might not even get to touch that much of the future during the brief span of time that we have here, but even in these minimal dents in the sand, eternity is found. A simple act of obedience today may very well ripple through the future with powerful effect as Christ works in the hearts and the minds of others. We do not know what the outcome may be, and that is truly by virtue of God’s design. We are, like Abraham, simple workers in the Lord’s field. We are tasked with following Christ in trust and by faith into that still forming future that He is working out, Himself in obedience to the Father. Still, we join with Abraham in looking upon God as the builder of something that is great and glorious beyond all imagining as we set our hands to work in placing by faith the stone that Christ directs us to set.