In peace I will both lie down and sleep;

for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.

Psalm 4: 8


In our world today, peace is a hard thing to find. There is so much anger and fear out there, and it just continues to move closer to each of our homes, too. It seems as if there is simply no place to go in order to escape the relentless beat of this creature’s wings as it hunts down victim after victim. It is no wonder that good, restful sleep is hard to find; so, anxiety is a regular part of the day for many of us. Some people say that they simply avoid all contact with those aspects of the world. They don’t read news, they overlook political commentary, and they stay as far as is possible away from people and places in the world where pain and need dwell. Still, all that is hard and painful around us finds a way inside those protective walls so that it touches almost everyone’s life at some point.


This peace that the writer of the psalm speaks about is truly a rare commodity in our day, and I believe that it was in the writer’s days as well. Our nature as people has been aggressive, violent, and fear inducing since the beginning of our time of separation from the close relationship with God that was our Creator’s intent for us. This world has been a hard place for us to live throughout most of our history, and it will continue along this path until that day when Christ returns and redeems all of creation from its sin-infused and lost state of existence. Yet, God speaks to us about entering into peace and regarding a form of rest that penetrates the heart and the mind to the deepest parts of our being. The Lord would have us set aside the anxiety of our days and find a form of comfort and security in His presence that overcomes all forms of anxious concern.


There is something else present in the way that the Lord asks for us to trust Him as it goes beyond our sense of how things are. The writer says that he is actually dwelling in a form of safety that allows for peace to overcome the concerns of the day. This dwelling is both a state of mind and a literal place. It exists regardless of the circumstances and the situations that are enfolding us. This safe dwelling place is established and formed by Christ for each of us who know Him. He protects our souls from any and all harm that might attempt to enter into our hearts and minds. Our Lord is already victorious over all forms of evil; so, the fight that we are facing is one that He has already won. We can trust in Christ in any and all that comes our way. His will is for our best, His love for each of His people is absolute, and we can truly lie down and sleep soundly in the safety of the Lord’s presence.