For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 3: 11


We people are a very creative and an industrious bunch. We devise various systems of belief and work hard to craft them into something that seems to be solid, tangible, and lasting. In the end, many of us do stake our eternities on these belief systems that we have created for ourselves. The fact that the nature and the character of the life that we live now and also that what becomes of our souls after this life is resting on what we believe in this life, should be a powerful motivator for us to consider these decisions carefully and thoroughly. For me, it seems to be most reasonable to look to the foundations of all that is for the source of such a great decision. There is one singular point wherein all of what we know began, and there is only one author and creator of it all, too.


God, in the entire manifestation of who and what He is, is that singular point and Creator. When I say God in this instance I am making reference to all of our understanding of His person and identity; so, I am speaking of the presence and the involvement of the Father, of Jesus Christ the Son, and of the Holy Spirit in all that took place before the creation of the universe, during its crafting, and in the time that followed wherein it was all settled and humanity’s existence began. The true foundation of our world is set and settled in the totality of God, and the platform upon which humanity is intended to operate in this world is also established by God and made effectual through relationship with Him in totality.


So, if we claim to know God but deny the existence or the validity as God of any of His three persons, we are entering into a very dangerous area of belief and faith that is crafted by people for our own purposes and that goes against those foundational truths that form an eternally valid understanding of relationship with our Creator and Lord. Even Paul, as great a worker for God and His kingdom as he was, could only build up people in a faith that was founded upon the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord, and as fully God. We too enter into the fullness of God’s presence in us and in our lives as we surrender ourselves fully and completely to Christ so that He can take us into the presence of the holiness of the Father and grant to us the counsel of the unceasing engagement of the Holy Spirit within us. So it is in and through Christ that we set our feet upon that foundation of truth that God established from the beginning in order to grant to His creation secure and eternal relationship with God.