May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

Philippians 4: 23


There are times when we need grace. There are also many times when it is important for us to extend it to others, and all of the grace that we have in us, whether coming to us or flowing out of us, is present because of Christ. He brought the love, care, concern, and forgiveness that are characteristic of God into our world in a direct manner so that everyone could know God and have the opportunity to enter in to His redemption and salvation from sin. This is no small thing, for all people come into life with a nature and a character that is bent upon living outside of God’s blessing; therefore, we are all in need of that saving grace.


When Christ enters into us, we are truly changed in ways that are profound and deep. One of the things that comes about as life is lived out in following the Lord, is that Christ’s Spirit works within us to smooth away the rough edges and the harsh elements of our personalities. As the grace that God empties out upon our undeserving lives begins to saturate the deepest recesses of our beings, His Spirit does this transformative work within us so that we become ever more like Christ in our ability to love others, to enter into their lives, and to extend God’s grace to them. This all happens as we also grow in our capability to accept the same begraced gifts from God for ourselves.


Granting grace to others requires us to accept it from God ourselves. People do not have the capacity or the capability to manufacture this sort of true and deep-seated forgiving acceptance from the resources of our natural beings. God pours it into our spirits through the presence of Christ within us. He grants to us the ability to live with a form of peace that settles the edgy uncertainties of life and that grants to us the strength and the resolve that are required to face into hard situations and challenging relationships with redemption on our minds and truth as our guide. It is this grace of God that Christ plants deep within us in our spirits that helps to make the chaos of this world bearable and that provides us with all that is required for us to join with Christ in bringing this same grace into the lives of others.