The Lord has heard my plea, the Lord receives my prayer.

Psalm 6: 9


The surest defense from all of the attacks, stresses, difficult situations, and impossible requirements that life throws our way is found in a place where I too often look as more of a last resort than as my starting point for holding my ground. For I am afraid that I need to admit that I am incredibly inclined to go after my own solutions, and this seems to be especially true when the situation is the most personal and brings the highest levels of anxiety. I am not certain whether I actually think that I have the needed answers or whether I am just concerned about appearing to not have them; yet, either idea is filled with delusion and consistently fails.


The Lord who created the universe and who knows me and all of my needs better than anyone else could ever know them, wants to hear the concerns and the challenges that I am facing. He is continually waiting for me and for everyone to turn away from our stubborn reliance on our own understanding and to seek the loving embrace of God’s wise counsel. The Lord doesn’t require me to come to Him with eloquent words or even with words that actually make sense; rather, He can and will sort out even the most unintelligible expressions of my stressed out heart and mind, and the Lord will return clarity, wisdom, and confidence to me.


The process of turning toward God as my first resort for all of my life is something that requires deliberate practice, and I need to make the conversation with God that is prayer a moment by moment aspect of each of my days. Whatever it takes, whether that is notes on the refrigerator, writing it on my hand, or prompts in my phone, I can make talking over every part of my life with the Lord more than a priority; I can decide to make it the foundational way that I live. The Spirit is with me always, and I will be blessed beyond my comprehension by talking with Him continually.