For we did not follow cleverly devised tales when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty.

2 Peter 1: 16


This was a literal fact for Peter; as, he had been there, and he had walked with Jesus on a daily basis for several years.  Additionally, Peter was there when Christ overcame the ultimate end of human life by defeating death, itself; then, Peter experienced Christ in a form that transcended this world and that clearly demonstrated the presence of heaven in the midst of his earthly life. However, I wasn’t there, and you weren’t there, either; in fact, almost all of the people who have read Peter’s words did not have the opportunity to meet Jesus while He was living on this earth as a human. Yet, it seems that I can claim what Peter is saying as my own truth.


This is a part of the great mystery that is God come to dwell among His people as one of us. Although, this was an event that took place in history, and by all of the rules of nature, it is something that should bound by time and by place; that is not the reality of our relationship with Christ. He is every bit as real and as tangibly so for me as He was for Peter. Christ walks with me through my day; for, He is both in me and in my world. In fact, it seems that I have become integrated with Him. Once in Christ, He defines who we are, and Christ invites us to live each day with Him in the majesty of heaven.


There is no cleverness required, and the story of Christ in this world does not need to be written by people using well crafted phrases and creative story telling; for, the story of Christ is told in and through the lives of the multitudes of people who know Him, and who He has claimed as His own. My Lord, Jesus Christ, is clearly present to me in my entire world. He speaks to my heart, and He informs my mind. Christ lifts me from the depths of the darkness that continually swirls about in this world, and He fills my soul with His glorious warming light. Christ is as alive and present in my world as He was in Peter’s, and His majesty fills my days with abundant hope, joy, and peace.