Cast your burdens on the LORD,

and he will sustain you;

he will never permit

the righteous to be moved.

Psalm 55: 22


There are days when the air, itself, seems heavy. It may be the weather, but it might also be all that is happening in life at that moment. Personal concerns, family matters, and strife and struggles in our world can all add to the density of the atmosphere. It might be so thick that the morning doesn’t bring refreshment and new energy; instead, it portends of another oppressive day of hard working steps and hope deferred. This is a tough place to be. Most of us have been there to some degree before we get too far through our allotted days. I believe that Jesus, Himself, must have experienced times like this, for He lived out His earthly life at the center of the tempest that is caused by the sinfulness of our world.


For Jesus there was no turning back and no vacation days, either. He was in this world for the duration as He traveled the road of redemption for Creation. In so doing, Christ demonstrated the understanding, empathy, and mercy that God holds for all of us. Jesus lived out and experienced that which God already knew, and the pain that He and that we go through and feel is something that causes God to grieve. Yet, it also serves a real and a valuable purpose for us as we navigate our way through life, for these days of heavy air, the times when the ability to draw the next breath is debatable, are times when turning to the Lord seems to be the only thing that brings real relief. When faced with the greatest of pressures and turmoil, Jesus turned to the Father in prayer with a heart and a mind that trusted in God’s presence and in His response.


Turning to the Lord in these times is not always an easy ting to do. People are made to be capable and to take on the challenges of life by using the resources that we possess. Yet, that may be a part of what facing into challenging days is all about, for these aspects of living are ones that do take us outside of our knowledge, skill, and strength and give us no other place to go for the capacity to enter into today than that which comes from the Lord. In this entire universe there is only one source for hope when there are no answers, there is only one trustworthy provider of wisdom that outlasts all of our worldly thinking, and there is only one place where we can go to find salvation for our remaining days and into eternity; and this is Christ. We can go to Christ with whatever breath we have at the moment, and He will hold us up and embrace our weary hearts in the loving arms of God’s boundless love and care.