O LORD, I call upon you; hasten to me!

Give ear to my voice when I call you!

Psalm 141: 1


This is the urgent voice of a person who wants to be heard by God. These words are not just spoken in some form of obligation or out of a sense of needing to pray because that is something that everyone in the church is expected to do. This person wants God to hear what is going on in a life that has its challenges and its troubles, and this speaker is also one of us who is troubled by his or her own sinful tendencies. Reality is living in these words, and the need for the Lord to be very present in the middle of all that constitutes life’s experience is powerful and compelling. So, this follower of God turns to the Lord with a heart that is both troubled and expectant of what God is capable of doing and of the great love that the Lord has for each of His people.


Even at times when he knows that the expression of God’s love will mean personal rebuke and will lead to a call to repentance for sin, our friend here seems compelled to enter into God’s words of truth as he cries out for the Lord to hear him and to respond. This is an attitude regarding prayer that each of us can bring to our times with God. Here we see a form of submission to God and to His righteousness that desires to turn all of life over to the leading of the Lord and that sincerely wishes to follow His will in all matters and in every situation. The voice that we hear is that of a person who is allowing God to be the true King on the throne of life. This is a place of dwelling that all of us can enjoy in Christ.


Christ has broken through the barriers and torn down the divisions that our sinfulness attempted to construct between our God and ourselves. His life beyond that of this world enters into our earth-bound existence and transforms it into one that can know the glory and the righteous living of the halls of heaven. Christ pours out grace and forgiveness upon us, and He guides us out of the hopeless repetition of our lost and broken thinking that is people’s earth-born inheritance, and Christ takes us into the purposeful lives that God intends for each of us to engage in. Honest and heart-deep prayer is one of the ways that we can enter into this new life with Christ, and it is an important way in which the Spirit engages with us and brings to our hearing the protective and restorative words of truth that God has set out for each of His people.