Surly goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,

and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Ps 23:6


We already know that there will be trouble in our lives because of our desire to serve God. This is a fact of living in a world that sold out its birthright in order to go about living on its own. There is an antagonism that exists between people who know Christ and those who do not accept the deep and intimate relationship that He enters into with us. The fallen world does not get the desire to be so close to Christ, and in fact it hates it; more so, it hates the God that we serve. Yet, God promises us these simple truths from the Psalms.


I think that as we keep our eyes focused on Christ, we keep our hearts centered in His reality. Then the negative voices don’t seem so loud and clear to us, and we don’t allow them the same access to our minds. They can scream at us with all the angry vigor of before, but there is a greatly decreased impact. As we look upon God, He shows us the image of us that He sees; for, in and through Christ we are beautiful, capable, confident, loved and loving. We are now surrounded by His glory, and we are filled with His grace. The goodness and the mercy that are following us about are for our benefit, and these characteristics of God are also granted to us as our own so that we can bring them into our contact with the rest of humanity.


God takes us from our place as residents of the rubbish heap of ruin that sin has made out of creation, and He moves us to a place of honor at His side. Our new position in Christ creates a reality that makes the place where we are in our daily lives into God’s palace; thus, we are always living in the house of the Lord. We are continually seated at a banquet where the tables are filled to overflowing with Christ’s goodness, mercy, grace, peace, and love. So, we are equipped to be people who also grant the same blessings that we have received so abundantly and freely from Christ to the hungry, lonely, and desperately needy people of the world around us.