Let what you say be simply “Yes” or “No”; anything more than this comes from evil.

Mathew 5: 37


We do not live in an age of simplicity; yet, Jesus is counseling us to act as if that were the case. This idea of simplicity incorporates a lack of embellishment, a stark straightforwardness, and a form of honesty that comes from deep within the heart of each person into its plain tapestry of righteous thought and action. This is the sort of truth that God has handed down to us. It is the form of engagement that Jesus employed when He faced off squarely with all that was corrupt and evil in the world of His days. We too live in times when this sort of directness is rare and wherein its presence would breath new life into our various societal settings.


However, I think that this sort of straight-talk truth would also be met with opposition and denial, for it does tend to show up others and to cast their elaborate tales of reason, rationale, and diversionary finger pointing as the falsity and evil lies that they are. So if we choose to change the way of our own world and begin to face into the rest of our culture with this sort of spade-is-a-spade straight engagement, we need to be ready to face opposition and to enter into a struggle with others, many of whom are powerful and entrenched in the leadership structures of our world. If this sort of fight is what we acquire by bringing biblical truth plainly into the discourse of our days, then we will be joining with Jesus in a struggle much like the one that He faced as He did the same thing.


The angry words, rejection, and even the plots that led to His death did not stop or even slow Jesus’ drive to say and to do God’s righteous truth in all places and throughout all of His days. As people who believe in Christ and who count our redemption as His work for us, we are called to truly follow Him. This means that we are to be people whose hearts and minds are being transformed from our worldly perspectives into ones that live out and speak forth the pure truth of the gospel of Christ. This is a message of peace and grace. This is a perspective that loves with the purity of the Father so that we do not apply conditions or place restrictions on granting its care and protection to any others regardless of situation or circumstance. This is a confident truth that responds to the world around us, especially to its leaders, with a demand for a simple and direct recitation of fact and asks that it respond to those facts with this same love, grace, and desire for peace that our Lord and its Savior portrayed for us.