The grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men.

Titus 2: 11


This is one of the greatest thoughts that has ever been expressed in human history. It is simple and direct yet filled with a power and importance that is greater than anything else. God has fulfilled His promise to restore humans to our place in creation at His side, and He has provided the means for this eternal state to be true for each of us. Jesus is the appearance of love, forgiveness, and restoration into our world; thus, He makes the grace of God real for anyone who is willing to accept it.


So, why is it so hard to live like this is my personal reality? If I were truly embracing God’s grace as my own state of being, then I wouldn’t be angry, frustrated, hurt, and condemning. If my heart had settled on the truths of God’s promised victory over all of my sin-induced weakness, then I wouldn’t be fearful and indecisive. If? This is a big question which leads to a better one, and that is, “Why not?”


For salvation is much more than eternity, it is this day, my life, and all that happens in it. It is also this world and its propensity to madness and destruction. In Christ we are saved from the fears and the failure of sin, and we are set free to live for the glory of God in our homes, workplace, and in our community. That is why the appearing of grace in the person of Jesus matters so much. Christ grants to us the one thing that we can never provide for ourselves. He brings anyone who accepts Him into a position of righteousness in God’s eyes, and Christ’s Spirit enters us to change us from the inside into people who live as citizens of God’s kingdom throughout our days. In Christ we have the One who shows us how to do it, and He gives us a life story to claim and to follow as our own road map to victory over this world. In Christ I am saved, and His grace will carry me through everything and all that life brings my way today.