On his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Revelation 19: 16


We sit on the edge of a great battle, the most significant in all of history. It has not occurred yet, but it will. It certainly will, and the timing of it seems to be sooner than later. This rider on the White Horse, Jesus the Christ, is poised in his saddle and prepared to engage with all of the forces in our world and beyond it that oppose God. Jesus carries upon Himself the battle name that God, the Father and the Creator of all, has given to the Son. He comes onto the field of contest with no uncertainty and absolutely no apprehension, for the outcome of the day was foretold by God from the earliest moments of history. Jesus is King over this entire world, and He is Lord, the absolute ruler, for all that exists in that creation.


The unwavering certainty that infuses this scene at the end of time is also ours to embrace during these days that are being played out a short while before these climactic ones. As we dwell in this world with its conflicts, struggles, and trials we can enter into the reality of Christ’s victory over all of the evil that surrounds us. God has already proclaimed Christ as King over this realm, and the Father has designated the Son to function as Lord in His kingdom come to earth. We have an all-mighty and absolutely capable ruler to follow into each and every day of our lives. There should be no confusion regarding who we are to follow and where we can go for wisdom and truth. Although there are many pretender kings in our world, and some of them are very persuasive or extraordinarily loud as they proclaim the validity of their plans and programs, they are all nothing more than vassal servants of the one great King, Jesus the Christ. So, we can truly follow only one Lord, and our singular source for what is righteous and real can be God’s Word alone.


This is the same Word that Christ will proclaim to end both the final conflict that is portrayed here and to eliminate all opposition against God that exists in Creation and beyond. This Word that issues forth from the essence of the being of the Lord is our tangible source of wisdom, truth, encouragement, and courage as we dwell in these days before all is set right again. The Spirit of Christ is with us in all that we encounter so that this same Word is granted a life that comes from behind the pages of the book and out of the heart of God, Himself. This Living Word is the source for life and leads us into the love and the grace that Christ seeks to pour out on all of us during these hours of our need. As we approach the field of contest that life has given to each of us today, we should do so with our hearts secure in Christ’s love and with our minds made clear by the truth of the Word so that this day will be one wherein our actions and our words will speak clearly of Christ as King and to His position as Lord over all of the world.