I will extol you, O LORD, for you have drawn me up

and have not let my foes rejoice over me.

Psalm 30: 1


We all live out our days down here on the earth and in its crowded clutter of good and evil. We really do not have any other choice, for humanity has not colonized another planet and mental departure from reality is never more than temporary and partial escape. The way our days will go is directly influenced by the pull of gravity upon our bones as we are weighted down and pulled into engagement with the forces that are at work in our environment. Yet, there is a way out of it all. Not that we actually leave the cares and the trials of this world behind, but rather, the impact of it all is changed as our perspective on everything is transformed into one that becomes more like God’s.


As we lean into Christ by surrendering our selves totally to Him and by exploring God’s Word, the weight of this world is lifted from our backs and the impact of its forces upon our hearts and minds is lessened. The truth and the insight about all aspects of life and of living that is contained within the Word provides encouragement for hard days, peace to weather the storms, quiet when all is in uproar, and the bottomless wisdom of eternity to point us toward God’s righteous path through our days. All that is gleaned and gathered in from God’s Word is made real and we are given understanding concerning it as the Spirit reveals its depths and applications to our hearts and minds. In this way Christ lifts our vision out of the hazy confusion of the world around us and into the clarity of His heavenward view.


Yet, at the same time as we are drawn up by Christ into the glory of God’s presence, we are also lifted up onto the cross of surrender that our Lord endured for the sake of our salvation. For Christ does require us to give up our hold on this world and to let go of our tenacious grip upon the things that we hold as personally dear about the life that we have known outside of relationship with God. The glory that I am to know through Christ is reached only by enduring the shame and the pain of that cross where Jesus was hanged in my place. Them, as I absolutely surrender my life to Christ, He begins to remove all of my old way of thinking and acting as His Spirit reforms my heart and reorients my mind into those of a fully committed disciple of our Lord. Thus, in total surrender to Christ, I am drawn up into the full presence of God.