I will sing of the steadfast love of the Lord, forever;

With my mouth I will make known your faithfulness to all generations.

Psalm 89: 1


In our world thoughts and expressions of love are easy to find and highly prevalent. Love can be found on almost every street corner and in most of our gathering places. We pledge it to other people, and we express it for everything from snack foods to vacation locations. Yet, we live in a lonely and a frustrated society that is filled with unfulfilled yearnings and painful rejection and loss. With so much love afoot, there are very few people who seem to know it at a deeply personal level. Although there is a great deal of chatter about love, there seems to be only a slight glimmer of understanding of it in our world.


So, God wants us to sing a different song than the ones that are popular in our days. This is why God wants us to sing about His love for us. This is the need behind His desire for those whom He loves to express that love openly and publicly. The Lord has no personal need for people to let Him know that we love Him. God is aware of everything, and He is absolutely secure in this knowledge and in His position. When we express our love for God, we are the ones who benefit. It is this expression that helps us solidify in our hearts and our minds the fact that God does love us in ways that are total, absolute, and unchanging. He quite literally brought love into this world which has become heart sick with sin. Christ came into our world in an act of sacrificial loving of all of humanity so that we all could know God’s face-to-face embrace of love in this life and for eternity.


Still, knowing God’s love in a profoundly personal manner is not enough. Christ does not intend for each of us to keep it to ourselves. His heart is pained by the loneliness and the fearful anger that people endure while attempting to live in this world. Our Lord wants to be the salvation and the restoration for the hearts of each of these lost souls. That is why He implores His people to sing out in choruses of recognition and praise for the reliable and true love that is ours from God and in Christ. As we grow in our knowledge of God, we also gain in our understanding of His love in ways that should make its expression to others a part of who we are. God’s infinite and perfect love is expressed when we reach out to embrace the unlovely, when we yield our comfort for the rights of others, as we speak truth regardless of the personal risk, and in our world through lives that are openly and freely committed to Christ.