Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.

Hebrews 10: 23


This is not exactly the message that we usually hear in a setting where confession is the action under consideration. At least for me, I try to fill in this line with faith or with Christ, but I don’t automatically go to hope as the idea to fill in the blank. Yet it seems that hope does actually supply these others thoughts along with it. Hope is something that comes to us in and through Christ. At least this is true for me, for I find that most of the hope that I possess is directly related to Christ. It comes about because of His presence in me and in my life. This hope overcomes the awful forces that are at work in the world around me and that seem to be conspiring to crush the life out of everything good in our world. Yet, Christ brings a perpetual spring of renewal and life giving love and grace to these same battered and broken lives and situations.


The hope that comes about because of Christ’s redemptive love that is at work in my life and in the lives of many others seems to be made even more tangible and real as I express it openly. It is something much greater than just a good attitude or an optimistic outlook. The hopefulness that God has granted to His people is deep enough to hold on when hardship hits with the force of a flood-driven river, and it is strong enough to outlast season upon season of drought-like sorrow and grief. Christ gives us the ability to understand the hope that comes through our faith in Him as we grow in our knowledge and appreciation of God’s character and nature. For me, this growth happens as I seek out God’s presence and dwell meditatively upon it in on-going and regular times of prayer that are based in and upon God’s Word. As I listen to the Spirit speak to my heart from within His own words of Scripture, I grasp the fact that my Lord has been and continues to be with me in all that comes along in life.


In seeking out the presence of the Lord in my life and in the world around me, I am continually reminded and made ever more aware of God’s eternal faithfulness. He is true to His promise to provide the way and the means for people to come into relationship with Him and to be redeemed from the brokenness that sin has surrounded all of creation with. In Christ we are set free to live fully in the open as people who have a future that is filled with purpose and that is bathed in the grace of Christ so that we are able to face into the challenges of life with a confidence that overcomes all doubt and fear. As God is unrelentingly faithful to His word and Christ has come into the world to bring fulfillment to those promises, I am filled with the hope of my salvation, redemption, and purpose as a follower of that same Christ. So, in light of this hope, I can do little else except to live it out steadfastly through the days that God has granted to me in this life.