Pilot said to them, “You have a guard of soldiers. Go, make it (Jesus’ tomb) as secure as you can.” So they went and made the tomb secure by sealing the stone and setting a guard.

Matthew 27: 65, 66


In some way and at various times in life, almost everyone does this same sort of thing. We set our guard, and we attempt to keep Jesus sealed up in a place where He cannot possibly gain access to us and to our hearts and minds. These actions and the thoughts that precipitate them are born out of our nature and operate as its natural defense against God’s assault upon that nature. Although we were designed to be close to our Creator, all of humanity is delivered into life with the chasm of our sinfulness separating us from God. For many different and individual reasons we work very hard at maintaining this distance so that we build defenses against God’s relentless pursuit of us. Yet, what we view as well reasoned and rational is, in fact, foolish, self destructive, and delusional.


Not even the best trained soldiers and the skills that they have acquired under the most trying of situations on the battle field are sufficient when it comes to restraining Christ’s drive to save us. He will not be sealed away in that tomb. His will is far too great for that. God came into our world, lived among us and walked the journey of human life, and gave up that life as the perfect sacrifice for our sinfulness in order to eliminate that barrier of distance between people and God. So, we can deploy logic and build up defensive structures with all of the skill and ingenuity that we possess, we may even think that we have been cleverly successful in sealing Christ up and away from our lives, but He will not be held down. The third day, the day of resurrection, always arrives.


The Lord will not be contained within the walls of separation and their tomb of defeat. Christ is risen from that place, and all of creation knows of this victory and sings out in praise of the Risen Savior and Lord! We do not all accept the evidence, and many people continue to hold forth the need for setting the guard and reworking the seal on their hearts and minds. However, these human activities do nothing to deter Christ. He continues to seek after all of us, and He does so from His place beyond the grave in Heaven where He now dwells as the reigning Lord over this world. Christ went through death and into life so that each of us could know what it is to dwell in that same life. So, in Him we are alive today in body and in spirit. The guards around the entrance to that tomb are clearly engaged in a foolish activity as Jesus is not there, and our testimony, the accounts of living witnesses to the risen Christ, can join the heavenly chorus in singing out in praise of our Savior!