Who is there to harm you if you prove zealous for what is good?

1 Peter 3: 13

Most of us don’t use the word zealous in our everyday language with any frequency; yet, it is a characteristic that makes a great deal of difference in the way that we approach anything that it can be applied to. A couple of the definitions for the word are; eager desire and enthusiastic interest, or actively and unreservedly enthusiastic. When it comes to doing God’s will and to being a living force for what is good and righteous in this world, this is the attitude and the approach that Jesus modeled for us; His form of zealousness wasn’t always loud, contentious, or totally in the face of others; although, at times it was all of those; yet, it was always lovingly appropriate to the moment and to the person. Regardless of the cost, Jesus never stopped doing and saying what was right from God’s perspective.

All people need to be thankful for this characteristic of God’s, for, in part, it was this zeal for doing good that sent Jesus, the man, to Jerusalem at the beginning of His last week of life in human form. He knew that He would experience pain and suffering to a degree that no one had ever experienced before, but He also knew that His own experience would open the door to eternity for everyone who would accept the opportunity. The love that Jesus had for the Father and for you, for me, and for every person on this earth made it all worthwhile to Him; thus, the good that He was engaging in was far more powerful than any force that evil could bring to bear against Him.

We need to embrace this same approach to living our daily lives that Christ brought to His, for it is too easy to become distracted, pushed off track, and caught up in concerns about the consequences when we are seeking to do what is good and what is righteous in all areas of our lives. Christ calls on all people to follow Him; when we accept that calling, His Spirit joins us in the journey, and He opens our eyes so that we can begin to truly see God’s perspective on goodness. Then it is up to each of us to trust God enough to live every day with the zealousness of Christ; for, God will not allow any real harm to fall on those who are following His will.