And he put all things under his feet and gave him as head over all things to the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills all in all.

Ephesians 1: 22, 23


The Father has given Christ complete authority over all of this earth and over everything that dwells upon it. There is nothing and no one that resides outside of Christ’s area of rule and reign, and not one aspect of what is happening in the world lies beyond His care and concern either. God does not exercise His authority over creation for the sake of His own power and He does not rule over all of this in order to gain position and rank; so, in granting Christ the right to hold direct authority over this world, God has conveyed the same sort of modality of dominion to Him. That is, Christ is King over the entire world, but His primary purposes in exercising that authority are oriented toward building relationships with people, transforming us into righteous beings, and in reconciling the brokenness of creation with the holiness of God.


These are attitudes and actions that come forth out of love, mercy, and grace rather than from power, control, and guilt. Although Christ presents this entire world with the hard truth of our fallenness and the shame that sin creates within us, He also provides each of us with the way back into the glory of God’s design intent for our souls, hearts, and bodies. In and through Christ we can be redeemed, and in Him, we are established as new creation on this earth and as newly alive before the presence of God, even God in all of His holiness. These are the acts of a loving Lord. This is the action that a God who cares about His Creation above all else takes in order to overcome that same creation’s rebellion and disobediently destructive bent. For reasons that seem to defy logic we are all born with a rogue spirit when it comes to following God, Christ seeks after each of us in order to grant to us the opportunity to enter into the light of reason through acceptance of His benevolent rule in and over our lives. We are granted the right and the lifelong opportunity to make that choice.


This choosing of Christ is a once and an ongoing thing. People are asked by God to make a decision to surrender our old lives to the rule and the reign of Christ, and He takes hold of us in a manner that imprints eternity into the deepest structure of our being. Yet, that is not the end of the process of transformative change that Christ works on and within each of His people. We seldom go easily into this new heavenly orientation for our lives, for each of us carries along with us on this new Christ led and directed road all that we were and everything that we have developed to form our concepts of who and what we are. Not all of this is negative from the perspective of righteousness and holiness, either. Christ takes who we are and molds us and shapes us into people who can use what God has given to us for the sake of God’s Kingdom and toward the spreading of the glory of His name. In Christ, we become the full expression of the wonderful creation that God, Himself, designed each of us to be. Through Christ as our Lord we all together form into one entity, His church, which is intended by God to be the focal point of love, grace, and righteous truth on the earth.