They found the stone rolled away from the tomb.

Luke 24: 2


This is a story that I know rather well, for I have read it and heard it may times; yet, like so much of God’s word, there is always more to be learned from inside of the living text. I have always taken this short sentence as a powerful descriptor of the moment of discovery when Jesus’ followers first became aware of the fact that His body was no longer residing in the tomb where they had placed it. This is a tension filled scene that raises the great question that is at the center of the Easter story. So, we ask, “Where is He who was crucified?”


God had sent His angel to that tomb to remove the heavy stone that was used to seal it and that was intended to protect the body inside from grave robbers and to separate the dead from the living. God also reaches into the death that fills the souls of people, and He asks us to allow Him to remove the stone that seals us up in that place of everlasting decay. Inside of the tomb that sin has constructed for humanity there is a false sense of security, and the air is filled with a sweet aroma; however, that fragrance is the stench of death, and the stone walls that seem secure are actually a barrier that separates those inside from the true security that is found in Christ.


Jesus came into this world to be our sacrifice, and He came out of that tomb to permanently defeat the hold that Satan had on the souls of people. The Spirit of Christ is in this world to reach into the lives of us all. He seeks to remove the stones that seal us up in our own tombs, and He continually strives with the forces of evil that attempt to convince people that the tomb is a place of comfort and safety. God’s word provides clear perspective and truth, and His Spirit continually speaks words of love, encouragement, and righteousness. We need to listen to the voice of Christ and come out of the tombs that we might have reentered. We also need to keep calling out to those who don’t know Christ with the certainty and the confidence of people who are breathing the clean air of salvation, for Christ has come, and He has rolled away the stone so that they are no longer captives. He who was crucified is alive, and He will set free all who come to Him.