Your throne, O God, is forever and ever. The scepter of Your kingdom is a scepter of uprightness.

Psalm 45: 6


Every one of us gives our allegiance to someone and to something. No matter how aloof from the entire political process we may strive to be, this is still true. Unless an individual is remarkably wealthy and utterly independently so and also has no need for a connection to society, we are connected to our culture and our national community in ways that are complex and intricately intertwined. So, it seems to me that the real question does not involve the existence of a connection; rather it concerns where we place our primary loyalty and how we respond to the continual pressure that comes to compromise for the sake of personal peace and security.


It is a well-documented fact that national leaders, governments, and even nations, themselves, have very short durations. They come and they go. History deals in a kindly manner with some and records the dreadful and desperate failings of many others. God’s Word speaks to the fact that God has granted us our nations, systems of governance, and leaders as a method of establishing order among his unruly children. I think that He also has given us these very flawed systems in order to point humanity toward our only lasting, true and righteous source of governance, which is found in God.


This is not a call to a monastic form of separateness. Instead it is a directive that I believe comes from God to be fully engaged in our nations, cities, and communities. The critical issue is the one of true leadership. Who is my primary and ultimate ruler? If I am seeking God’s truth, truth should come out of my mouth. When God’s Word is informing my mind, then my thinking should be clear. When I submit my passions to waiting upon God’s voice, He will lead me along His righteous path. The Lord’s scepter is crowned with justice, peace and righteousness. God calls to His people to follow Him by acting as fully engaged citizens of the Kingdom of God who seek to make those qualities the hallmarks of our times and of our culture, and that establish God, Himself, as our reigning King.