He who goes out weeping,

bearing the seed for sowing,

shall come home with shouts of joy,

bringing his sheaves with him.

Psalm 126: 6


These are days of great sadness and sorrow, for we live in a world where there is little of the just or the compassionate on view. At least this seems to be true at the level of the heads of state and the brokers of power in our world. This is a near wherein people build fortifications and devise the means for horrible forms of destruction while claiming to be seeking after peace, and this is an age where God’s view of the meaning of life is being twisted and manipulated in order to promote a concept of safety and security that is really just another way of oppressing those who are different and of controlling those who provide us with little or no personal gain. This sadness and sorrow that hang like a heavy curtain over the landscape of earth belong to the Lord, Himself, and they are ours as well when we seek His face and open our hearts to honestly viewing what is going on around us.


As we know God and seek to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, each of us can begin to understand the deep feelings that were experienced by these ancient Israelites as they considered the overwhelming task of going out from the place where they had been living and reentering the territory that God had given to their ancestors. They carried on their backs the seed stock for planting the crops that would become that harvest of restoration and reclamation in the land. Their work was a God ordained mission to bring the grace, peace, and righteousness of the Lord into places that had been laid waste by hands of destruction. So, it is natural for feelings to be raw and emotions to be running high, it is reasonable to experience fear and concern for personal safety at the inception of such a venture as this. Thus, these are times when it matters more than ever to seek out God’s wisdom, to listen to His voice of truth, and to follow His Spirit’s counsel along every step of the journey.


As followers of Christ, we are traveling along these ancient roads of redemption just as did the Israelites in their return from their places of captivity. This trek needs to begin with hearts that are filled with the same anguish and concern that God knows, for this is the state of being that leads us into compassion and empowers us to leave behind comfort and convention for the hard road that leads to God’s healing and restoration. In Christ we carry with us the seed of the Gospel that is the singular hope for all that is lost in our world. This seed is ready for planting, and God implores His people to go out into the brokenness of our world with it so that the now barren landscape can be returned to the glory of the Lord’s garden of creation. We go out under the heaviness of our world’s violence and oppression, we spread the redemptive seeds of the Gospel of Christ, then we follow Him in tending these young crops, and rejoice with His Spirit as each of God’s tender plants develops into maturity and the full flower of the Lord’s harvest of life. Yes, these are days of sadness and sorrow in our world; therefore, these are also days of redemption for those who follow Christ and separate from the rancor of our days to seek out the lost and to spread Christ’s message of true peace and restoration.