For in it (the gospel) the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.”

Romans 1: 17


On-line shopping is amazing! If you can imagine the item that you might want or need, it can probably be found in that great electronically generated store that is just beyond the screen of a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Yet, that vast array of merchandise does not always present a truly satisfying experience for me. This lack of full satisfaction on my part might be due to the fact that I have spent the better part of my lifetime doing the old style of traditional face-to-face, in store shopping and it might be so because I like to touch and to evaluate the products before I decide to buy. I think that both of those ideas are true, and I also think that I find the relational engagement that comes through interaction with the sales person to be an important part of the experience. In a sense this is how God works with people as we determine what is good, just, and right for us and as our approach to living out these qualities in our lives.


This world presents us with choices every day. The possibilities for us as to what we believe and for the way that we engage with others as we go about the business of life are numerous. There are voices of wisdom to be found at almost every corner of that journey, and many of them are quite convincing in the force of their delivery or in the logic of their argument. Yet, in the end, there remains only one truth and there stands only one right source for it. It is in seeking out this truth and the wisdom that brings it to focus for each of us that the process of living seems to look a lot like that old style of shopping experience for me. Our world is not a static place, for situations and relationships are always active and changing. Although truth itself is unchanging in that it exists from beyond the inception of all that has been created in our world, the ways that it is applied to the specifics of life, truth’s narrative depiction, requires constant engagement with its source and amplification by the Spirit.


This is where faith is both tested and found. My faith is tested when I need to go beyond my own understanding and capacity to discern what is right or what is needful and when I must, therefore, rely upon the wisdom and understanding that God provides to me from both tangible sources such as His Word and people of faith and from the less tangible ones that are found in prayer and through the revelation of His Spirit. Faith is reinforced by the reality of God’s presence in all of this and by His constant engagement with my life. All that the Lord asks of me is that I trust Him enough, have sufficient faith, to turn to Him and to the wisdom of His Word of Life for each and every aspect of my existence. God holds back nothing of Himself or of the full blessing of His kingdom from me, and He desires that I would do the same with Him and in my relationship with His righteousness. The Lord seeks to interact fully, deeply, and personally with me, and He provides to me everything that I need in order to live out my days in the light of His righteousness and loving truth.