My people will abide in a peaceful habitation,

in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.

Isaiah 32: 18


It seems that one modern trend in writing commentary and reviews is the need to warn the reader that something that is about to be said will reveal an important aspect of the story; so, the author uses the statement “Spoiler alert” as a means of suggesting that the concerned reader should stop right there. Well, I am calling it out to you, spoiler alert, I am about to tell you something startling yet true about existing inside of the story that is life in our world today. So, here goes, this world is not a very restful place, and peace is even harder to find that is quiet rest; thus, security is completely out of the question for most of us. This world does not provide the environment where these desirable qualities can develop, grow, and even thrive. In fact, there are many people around us who seek to promote this sort of edginess and disquiet in order to gain power and to promote distrust in the orderly systems that God has allowed to provide structure to our otherwise chaotic planet.


Throughout history God has used these same troubling forces and situations to demonstrate the simple fact that rest, peace, and true security are possible to find in this life and that He is the source for all of these desirable conditions in our hearts and minds. When finances are strained or relationships are troubled, God provides the wisdom and the strength to enter into taking the actions that are required to start down the path of resolution for these deeply troubled days. When health is compromised or failing, the Lord provides the hope of eternity to us, and He also touches people with the grace of healing for our broken bodies and our troubled spirits. In addition to the personal challenges that we all face, the nature of the world around us is one that is filled with distrust, anger, and violence to a such a degree as to touch, cover, and often saturate each of us with its edgy insecurity and discordant hymn of despair. Yet, in all of these troubling minutes and hours, I know that the Lord is present with me.


This presence is made even more real as I turn the concerns of this life and the worries of my days away from myself and look intently upon Christ. He provides the foundation for my sense of well being, for the security that settles into my heart and that defies the world’s reasoning in these troubled times. As I focus upon Christ with His lived out message of hope, peace, and sacrifice, the situation around me and the circumstances of my life are placed into the perspective of the eternal. God’s Word demonstrates both His will and desire for people to live in a loving and caring form of peace with each other, and it also guides the processes of so living. The Spirit speaks encouragement and the wisdom and truth of all ages to my mind and my heart as He grants to me insights and attitudes that transcend those of the culture where I live. Christ, with His cross of supreme sacrifice and His victory over death that was claimed for my benefit and for yours, grants to each of us who surrender our human striving to His infinite love His perfect peace, enduring security, and the restorative rest that our hearts desire and need.