For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

John 3: 16


It didn’t need to be this way. We did not need to require saving, for God made this world with perfection as a major thread in its fabric. That perfect creation did not know disobedience and the decaying corruption that sin brings about. The peace of eternity was something to enjoy during every moment of the day; so, people did not need to hope for it as a future event. We had God’s presence as our regular and our routine companion, and communication with Him was unstrained and without restraint. Yet evil and its disobedience did exist in the universe, and Satan appeared before our ancestors with his crafty ways and his shiny eyes of deceit, and they listened too long and responded without careful consideration of what was true and what was not quite so. The result of all of this was disastrous for all of creation from that moment onward until today.


In the situation at hand, God had to make a choice. He could have destroyed what His hands had fashioned and start over. This was completely within His power and this entire world was then, as it is now, under His authority. God would have been within His rights to have acted like a sculptor who is dissatisfied with the result of His work and so rolled the clay back into an unformed lump to rework its consistency and start anew with shaping it into the great creation that He had envisioned and desired to form. Yet, this was not how God responded. He was already invested in the relationship with Adam and Eve, and even with the knowledge that He possessed of just how hard it all was going to be, the Lord was not going to give up on the relationship. God came to the people and approached them with His stern hand of love so that the process of restoration of relationship could begin. The Lord brought redemption and granted purpose to Adam and Eve that continues forward to today.


We are the recipients of this same mercy and grace that was granted to the first people. God still comes after us in our sinful wandering, and He comes to us wherever we have gone. His desire to see our relationship with Him returned to the intimate and everlasting nature of His original design is relentless. In fact, in order to perfect this restorative process, God gave the world Jesus as the ultimate and complete payment for all of our sinfulness. In Christ we are all set free from the penalty of death that belongs to each of us from birth. With Christ we enter into a life that transcends this world and that takes us into the eternal presence of God and into a new life that is lived out as a citizen of the Lord’s kingdom come to earth. All of this is done out of love. God loves each and every person and all of His creation with a passion that is all consuming and with a form of commitment that is beyond human reasoning. Christ is God’s expression of total love to me and to you. When we come to Christ and surrender our striving to His gracious will, the Lord writes His eternal love note on our hearts.