Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable are his ways!

Romans 11: 33


We humans like to engage in the debate, to reason things out, and to consider and reconsider our fundamental truths. God made our minds to be facile and flexible, and he granted us the right and the capacity to make decisions about almost everything that we might encounter in this world. This was true from the first breath of the first human, and it continues to be the case after thousands of years of our species’ walk upon this earth. Yet, there are limits to our ability to shape and define the truths that govern our days. God did not grant us the right to redefine Him, and He also set out His nature and will in terms that have long-standing definition in His Word. There are ways that people can choose to live and things that we can do that are inside of God’s will, and we call this way of life righteousness. There are other responses to our journeys through life that divert from God’s way and that follow a path of our own design and selection and God sees these as rebellious and sinful.


Everyone faces the conjunction of these two paths on numerous occasions during our days. Many of the decisions that we make are very small, but some of them are truly monumental. The greatest one that all people face is the one wherein we choose to follow Christ or to reject Him. All else, in fact, follows along after that point of decision. Yet, once we elect to submit ourselves to Christ and so to enter into a relationship with God, we have merely begun the process of making decisions regarding our will and continued submission to Christ’s way of living. There comes a point in that ongoing process of choosing to follow God’s Word that each of us needs to decide to simply accept the fact that there are truths contained within it that make us uncomfortable, that challenge our person desires, and that may alienate us from others in our world. Still, God’s truth is foundational to true life, and our acceptance of all of it will require each follower of Christ to submit ourselves to Christ and to accept His will and way on the basis of faith alone.


However, it is faith that brings us to this place of engagement with the deep mysteries of creation. Acceptance and belief in God the Father who created all that is, His Son Jesus the Christ who grants us our true life, and the third person of our mystically triune God, the Holy Spirit who speaks to our minds and our hearts on a continual basis is the greatest act of faith that any person can enter into. So, as we proceed along with our own journeys of faith, we walk in the light of God’s truth and within the pleasure of His will so long as we continue to submit ourselves to His Word and the leading of His Spirit. In doing this there is ample room for curiosity, questioning, and exploration; however, each of these God given human qualities reaches a point of termination when moving forward with our own thinking requires us to change the meaning and the intent of God’s Word of truth. In this there are certain basic terms and qualities that must define and describe the way that we conduct ourselves in our world. We are to be loving above all else, to be willing to sacrifice all for the sake of the Gospel of Christ, to seek justice for all, to embrace those who appear to be our enemies with the love of Christ, and we are to be strong enough in our Lord to rise above all of the noise and the debate of our world so that the one valid answer to all that is wrong is seen and heard in us. Thus we bring the unsearchable and the inscrutable nature and character of God into the view of a world that needs His healing grace above all else.