For being ignorant of the righteousness of God, and seeking to establish their own, they did not submit to God’s righteousness. For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.

Romans 10: 3,4


There are numerous forms of ignorance. For example, I know very little about the mathematical calculations involved in space flight, and my mind is probably not wired to either seek out that knowledge or to retain it if I were exposed to it. I am ignorant of most of the languages that are spoken in our world; yet, could acquire the basic understanding needed to communicate to some degree in most of them if I chose to do so. My mind has the capability and the capacity to grasp the sounds and their meanings if I would open myself up to the process of learning them. The most basic and essential forms of knowledge are made known to us through the process of living in this world. I learned how to breathe, eat, and engage in living without any formal instruction; these complex activities and the relationships that go along with them came to me naturally.


I believe that knowledge of God and of the righteousness that is His character and nature is also something that is present in this world so that all people are exposed to it. The desire to know God is present in people from birth as is the capacity to learn to know Him more fully and is the capability to enter into intimate relationship with our Creator. Yet, God’s righteousness can seem like a very high standard for some of us, and relationship with Him comes with certain requirements that we often find hard to accept. We humans are proud, self-reliant, and determined to do everything in a manner that we get to choose and select to engage with. However, God will not accept a secondary position in our loyalties, and He has established the singular truth that everyone needs to accept in order to leave behind the relational separation and its eternal condemnation that have come about as a result of our own sinfulness.


Thus, to know God we must set aside our selves and accept Christ as our Savior and Lord while recognizing and entering into the knowledge of Him as true King, the one who leads us in all matters, and as fully God, the Creator and the ultimate judge of all that is earthly and eternal. In Christ all of our humanly devised knowledge and wisdom is superseded and is completed. As we accept Christ and them enter into following Him in all aspects of life, we move from ignorance into revelation of the truth that has existed from before time began. This is the truth that our souls have longed to know from our day of birth, and the knowledge of God’s righteousness that Christ gives to His people is the solid foundation for living that grants to us the deep peace that is found only in living as fully submitted followers of our Lord.