Steadfast love and faithfulness meet;

righteousness and peace kiss each other.

Psalm 85: 10


This is a love story. Boy meets girl and the sparks fly as they begin that process of getting to know each other. Here, people encounter God and His nature and character draw us toward Him in ways that, like lovers, often defy pure reason or logical processing. God’s presence in creation and in each of our personal spaces operates in ways that are practical and tangible and that are, at the same time, highly creative and mystical. This is all a part of the eternal dance of love that God joins in with people. He brings unfailing love with a depth to it that can pierce the hardness of any heart. The Lord also remains true to His promise to bring reconciliation and restoration, and this is true even when we are wandering and faithless.


God’s offer of His love was made fully tangible and present in Jesus. He provides that final way to join in God’s dance of love, and Christ grants to us the means to escape the tyranny of sin that holds all people captive so that we can yield our lives to the righteous leading of God’s word of truth. Christ calls us to His side, and He leads us into engagement with the heavenly songs that have been sung throughout the ages by those around the throne of God. As I join in the flow of Christ’s rhythm of life, my heart and my mind are caught up in the pure joy of being in the presence of all that is love, grace, and mercy as I am drawn into harmony with His holiness.


As I continue to journey across this dance floor that is my life played out in relationship with Christ, His holiness directs me into righteous living, which is the course of travel that God desires for each of my steps. My Lord does not leave me alone as I take these often uncomfortable and sometimes hazardous steps, He leads the way with strength and assurance as His powerful arms hold me up whenever my weakness leads me to stumble or to waiver away from God’s true dance of life. Christ’s call to righteousness brings me into the center of God’s will where peace is found. Here His lover’s kiss reassures my heart and draws me into the embrace of God’s eternal love and faithfulness.