As the deer pants for the streams of water, so my soul pants for You, O God.

Psalm 42: 1


Think about the various and even contradictory images that water can form in your mind. For me there is the very peaceful one of the smooth surface of a mountain lake at dawn, the sense of refreshment that I find in a fast moving stream, the ribbon of beauty and activity that surrounds a river running through the heart of a city, and the perfect thirst relief that is found in a glass of cool water on a hot day. In contrast my mind can quickly recall images of the power, swiftness, and destruction that water shaped into the form of rain storm, hurricane, or typhoon can bring. Yet water is one of the most elementary and primary needs that we all have. It is something that the very cells of our bodies seek after with a sort of fundamental drive.


This same sort of deep seated and fundamental drive is found in all people in regards to our need for God. However, this drive to enter into a relationship with God seems to be one of the areas in the hearts and minds of people where Satan works most diligently and consistently to twist and to pervert. We humans can come up with so many answers to this need that they defy imagination. The reasons that people give for rejecting God, for delaying a decision about Him, and for finding him in various alternative forms are all false ways that they have found to answer this basic calling of their hearts. God speaks to everyone, but only some recognize truth and answer by drinking deeply from His spring of life, the living water who is Jesus.


When my soul is feeling the thirst that comes from eating the dust that is kicked up during the contest and the hard work of the day, I need to turn to the refreshing stream of life that is found readily at hand in the presence of the Lord. He invites all to drink deeply and be filled. There is no reason to worry about depleting this reservoir, for it is deeper and wider than all of Creation. Then, when I am filled, I should turn to my neighbor and offer to share the drink. There is no other beverage that satisfies, and there is nothing else that answers this soul-deep need that all people have. So, as we know Jesus, we know the answer to our neighbor’s thirst.