The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,

my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge,

my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Psalm 18: 2


In my town this is truly the season of delivery. There are official vehicles of many different colors and sizes zipping about the streets as they bring the goods that we have purchased and the items that others have sent to our homes. In many ways, these vehicles and their drivers are a modern, generally more fit but less colorful version of Santa and his famous Caribou. Although these deliveries are usually enjoyable and may bring something of real worth into our lives, they are not even close to the reason for all of the attention that is focused on these late December days. In this far end of the year with its extremes of darkness in the north and the exact opposite in the south we recognize, remember, and worship the One who God sent to bring about the deliverance of all of creation.


Christ came into our world in order to bring the miracle of relationship with God to me. That is a powerful truth to grasp and to consider. The One who resided in the perfection of heaven with nothing but worship surrounding Him, deliberately left all of that behind and came into this world in the form of humanity with our frail and vulnerable composition. He did this so that everyone who would surrender self in order to believe could be saved, delivered from, the certain death that our chosen sinfulness had decreed for all of us. This is the true miracle of this season. This is my reason for celebration and for the joy that permeates my heart and that overcomes everything else that comes my way in the course of life.


I may know doubt or fear with sadness and grief coming my way in real life measure, but this land of shadows is no longer my home. My heart and my mind live in a stout fortress of faith that is grounded in God’s Word and that is walled in by His Spirit. That doesn’t mean that I have it all together so that there are never times of wandering or periods of doubt. What it does mean is that the Lord is with me in those periods when the stresses and the concerns of this life seem to shadow Christ’s radiance from my eyes. He breaks through to my soul with the angelic music of truth so that these familiar tunes begin to lift my darkened spirit. I know that I can turn to Christ in every situation that I might encounter, and He will shelter my frailty from the destruction that I fear. In this season, all of my being celebrates that precious and glorious delivery of my redeemer. In Him I find my strength!