Create in me a clean heart, O God,

and renew a right spirit within me.

Psalm 51: 10


Creativity is a wonderful thing. Its presence within us changes the way that we see our world. It makes colors brighter and sounds more vibrant, and it allows us to more fully see the wonderful depth and glorious variety that is present in the people that we meet. We enter into the realm of creator when we paint pictures, transform words into stories, mold ingredients into a meal, and see the beauty behind the woundedness of people’s lives. I think that this quality that we call creativity is something that God, Himself, put into us as His hand shaped each of us. It is a part of who God is, and so it comes into people by virtue of the fact that God makes us in His own image.


When David wrote the words of this psalm, he was desperate and deeply troubled by the ways that he had turned away from God. He realized the depths of his sinfulness, and he also knew that he wanted to return to God’s righteous way of living life. David needed a Creator to see beyond the depravity and the broken nature of his thoughts and actions so that this lost son could return to the presence of his Lord. David had turned to the right place, for God does look beyond the surface of our lives so that he views all that is within us. However, He views what is there with an eye attuned to the possibilities, the potential, and God’s view of us isn’t impeded by what is present now. In fact, God desires to take the misshapen lives that we are living and reform them into ones that bring His glory into our world.


When the weight of his sin was too great to handle, David turned to God seeking forgiveness and restoration. We can do the same thing. We can trust God to listen, to hear us well, and to see the tarnished beauty that is the redeemed nature of His beloved child. In the great act of re-creation, Jesus took all of our sinfulness upon Himself. As we accept Christ as our Lord and submit to His grace and to His will, we enter into that creative rebirth, and His Spirit begins to work within us to reshape and reform our hearts and our minds into ones that portray the character and the nature of our Creator. God’s creative nature provides great hope to me, for it speaks to the fact that He sees the potential for living out His will in my life that lies beneath the damage that I have caused. For Christ takes the broken stones and shattered windows that I have caused and transforms them into His marvelous dwelling place.