What shall we say then? “Is there injustice on God’s part? By no means!”

Romans 9: 14


It seems easy to cast blame onto God, for there is much that is wrong in our world. A God who is truly sovereign over it all and who has the power to do something about it certainly would not let the evil of our days continue, would He? These are the sorts of thoughts that go through the minds of most people at some time, for it seems to me that it is much easier to blame God for what is wrong than it is to accept my own participatory ownership in it all. However, my personal experience with that same God and observation of what His character is truly like tell me that blaming God points the accusatory finger in exactly the wrong direction.


The nature of the God that I have come to know is righteous. This means that He is wholly separate from the sinfulness, the brokenness, of our world. All of this anger, violence, and self-serving action that characterize the daily struggle to exist here are generated by people in thoughts and actions that are created in our own hearts in opposition to God’s will, His Word, and His original creative design intent. We are the ones whose lives are framed in by an injustice that is the embodiment of unrighteousness. We humans seem to work hard at separating ourselves from God and thus from all that is good, just, and loving; we move away from all that is righteous.


This is not how we must continue to live. Christ is here with us in order to change all of that. He brings the righteousness of God into the reach of each of us. He bridges the enormous gulf that exists between the Lord and our sinful hearts so that anyone who desires to exist in the presence of the holy can, in fact, do so here and now. In this way God’s justice is, in fact, redemptive. The just God invites each of us to depart from our unrighteous existences through acceptance of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us so that we are then transformed into beings that are known to God as His beloved children. This is the nature of the truly just God that I have come to know. He has taken my sinful and broken life and, in Christ, continually works to transform me into a person who lives out the justice, the righteousness, that is the Lord’s desire, will, and nature.