Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

1 Peter 1: 13


People are wired to dream and to hope in the future. This is something that we do rather naturally in early life, but it is also a part of what is lost as the innocence of childhood is replaced with the much harder reality of becoming an adult. Things happen to us, and we do things that hasten the process of losing that simple and easy ability to live today with a set of aspirations that are at least part hopeful fantasy, the creative work of imagination. Although Peter was very much the realist in the way that he viewed the world and living within it, he is also challenging us to allow that God given creativity some space establishing how we prepare ourselves for engaging with life today.


Peter asks us to do some dreaming as we get ready for our encounter with what life has in store for us. At first glance this may sound like escapism in that much of what followers of Christ encounter in our daily journeys is challenging and often hard to handle; so, dreaming about a better place and time may feel like the non-real world that is found in electronic games. Yet, in Christ, this is something that we can do. We can hope in a future that is promised with such certainty that we can consider it as a part of the reality where we live today. Thus, this fullness of grace that is mentioned as our hope, which will be an earthly reality after Christ returns, is something that we can enter into now through the presence of the Holy Spirit within.


Perhaps the word dream is not quite right. It might be better to say that we envision this fullness of grace as a part of the way that we prepare our minds and our hearts for what is to come today and tomorrow. The grace of Christ that convicts His people, including myself, with our own sinfulness and need for repentance also pours out the forgiveness that is required for us to stand confident in Christ’s presence and go boldly into the world with His purpose and will as the directive that we are following. This dreaming or envisioning is actually what enables us to be clear headed, that is sober-minded, and fully prepared for all that might come along today.