So teach us to number our days

that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90: 12


Whether we like it or not, our days are numbered. People fight hard against this concept in many ways. We work out to get fit, we follow dietary plans that are proclaimed to be the answer to illness, and some of us use cosmetic or even surgical assistance in order to shed years, at least on the surface. However, nothing that we do actually gains more than a few moments on the reality of aging and death. There is only one thing that is effective in this process of chasing after immortality. There is a singular place to go for the magic potion, that long desired fountain of youth, and it looks and functions very differently than what most of us think.


You see, eternity and life are owned by God alone. He provides everyone with the way and with the means to enter into His presence in this life and forever after it, and the Lord grants the gift of His purpose, calling, and gifting so that this life can be lived in a manner that leads to a legacy that truly matters. So, it is in and through a relationship with Christ that the troubling finite that is the number of our days on earth is transformed into the beginning of an infinite and fruitful time spent in service to the King of the Universe. Christ grants to us the opportunity to redeem those days as we live in obedience to His will and in the counsel of God’s Word of truth.


Although the beginning point for the redemption of our days is gained by entering into a relationship with Christ, that is when we leave the realm of the temporary and the terminal and enter in to that of the eternal, true living starts with surrender to Christ and progresses as we submit more and more of ourselves to His will. The Holy Spirit enters into this process of surrender and submission and works in our hearts to transform us into people who are ever more thinking and living out of God’s eternal wisdom. As we live in this manner, we are no longer the blind servants of an ever shorter number of days; instead, Christ is the master of them, and He will make them count for eternity’s sake.