Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

1 Peter 1: 3


The joy and the excitement of birth into new life are very rapidly replaced by the reality of death. We live only a few short years on this earth, and those years begin to be touched very early on by sin and the struggle against God and His way of truth that sin brings about. Its as if the air that we breathe in order to start life is a part of a subtly toxic atmosphere that will, over time, cause our souls to die. God not only knew this, but He responded to it. The poison that is present in this world was not a part of the creation handiwork of God. It came into being as the first people determined to defy God and strive to live independently of His will. The forbidden fruit was life when left on its tree, but its consumption poisoned the entire world.


Soon after this unfortunate eating, God’s mercy and His grace were vividly portrayed, for God did something that was extraordinary under the circumstances. He went after the shamed and concealed couple, and He called them into His presence where the Lord confronted them with the truth of their actions and also entered into the process for their redemption. This process is one that leads to the pouring out of that same redemptive grace upon me and upon anyone who desires to know God. Eve and Adam were granted the opportunity to live and to serve God through serving His purposes on this earth. We are granted that same merciful chance through the sacrificial death and the resurrection to life of Jesus Christ. We can enter into the redemption of our lives through this unimaginably great gift from God.


So, in Christ, you and I are made alive. We leave the death spiral that the toxic air of this world has caused, and we are granted the gift of new birth into an unending relationship with God. This new birth grants to us an eternity with God, and it also gives us a life of purpose for all of our remaining days. This opportunity to travel through life with God’s will as our guide and direction is as much a gift of His mercy and grace as is the eternal life that follows our days on the earth. I join with Peter in thanking God for the life that He has granted to me. I pray to Christ to show me His will for this day, this next hour, and even for the coming minutes. Christ has redeemed from death all of the time that I have in this life, and I desire to make each minute count as a blessing to Him.