He will not grow faint or be discouraged

till He has established justice in the earth;

and the coastlands wait for His law.

Isaiah 42: 4


There is no way around the fact that justice is hard work. If you were to talk with anyone who sits in the seat of a judge in a court anywhere in the world, that judge would tell you that they earn their pay every day that they work. Remaining true to the law; assessing the guilt or innocence of people who are usually to some degree both; establishing responsibility and culpability; and rendering judgments that are fair and equitable are daunting and often contradictory tasks. In our world, establishing justice not only requires all of this effort but it also is done in the war zone of conflict and active opposition from Satan. Satan hates justice just as he hates God. So, he opposes justice; for, the establishment of justice solidifies our perception of God’s position of authority in our world.


The idea of justice that is on view here in Isaiah and elsewhere in the bible is a complex and a multi-faceted one. It involves the idea of the courtroom type of setting that Isaiah has just described in which the reality of the fact that there is one and only one true God has been irrefutably determined. It then conveys the fact that God’s truth is the foundation upon which all of His Creation stands. It is His revealed truth that forms the only valid basis for the law that is our framework for living righteously, and this revelation is completed and fully empowered in Christ. Finally and only through the agency of Christ and through the work of His Spirit as present in our world and resident in the hearts of His followers, the injustice and the wrongful harm that sin has caused in the people of this world and in the rest of God’s perfect creation can be repaired.


This is the work of bringing justice into our world. It is the natural consequence of bringing Christ into those places of darkness and loss where evil dwells. Justice becomes apparent as we bring His grace, mercy, and love to bear on situations where intolerance, oppression, and fear rule the day. Like Christ, Himself, we will face strong opposition when we seek to do this. Satan does not give back territory willingly. Yet, if we believe the Prophet’s words and accept the fact that God sent His Christ to establish justice in this world, then we also must recognize our role and responsibility in continuing to do as our Lord has done. Christ calls all of His followers to continue in the mission of making His presence, truth, and righteousness known in the entire world. Christ will provide each of us with all of the wisdom, strength, and encouragement that we will need to follow the hard road of establishing justice.