Make your vows to the LORD your God and perform them;

let all around him bring gifts

to him who is to be feared,

who cuts off the spirit of princes

who is to be feared by the kings of the earth.

Psalm 77: 11, 12


Trust is an interesting thing. It is hard to establish and easy to damage; yet, we all need it and engage with and in it every day. The people and the institutions that each of us trust helps to create our identity. These trust relationships shape and define us for ourselves and for others, too. Some come to us through natural process. Generally, we learn at an early age to trust our parents or other primary caregivers, most people follow the rules that are set out by our governments and by other civil institutions, and we move on in life to form adult relationships in which trust is a significant aspect of the bond that holds those relationships together.


As we live our lives in this world, these trust relationships become the anchors that keep us grounded and that aid us in navigating through our days. They help to keep us true to our moral and our spiritual goals. During the course of any given day we will hear many voices calling out for us to trust them. Unfortunately most of these speakers fall far short of true trustworthiness. We are frequently asked to follow along based upon some form of relatively blind allegiance or to accept the direction of someone because that person is affiliated with or supported by an institution. This sort of obedience to people and to human institutions is dangerous for followers of Christ, for it tends to replace the Lord with something or someone else.


When it comes to placing trust, the only valid place to start is with God. He has proven that His commitment to people is true, lasting, and absolute. Through all of history the Lord has been faithful to His vow of care, provision, and salvation for our souls. We can trust Him and His Word in all matters that confront us today. The solid ground of truth is found in relationship with Christ. He is completely worthy of our vows of allegiance. We can give ourselves totally to Christ and to no one else. Yet, as we do this, He opens our hearts and strengthens our minds in ways that enable us to enter more fully into all of our other relationships. Jesus Christ is the King who is worthy of our trust!