So rejoice, O sons of Zion, and be glad in the Lord your God; for He has given you the autumn rain for your vindication. And He has poured down for you the rain, the autumn and the spring rain as before.

Joel 2: 23


The tangible start of the fall season is marked by a very noticeable decrease in the number of hours of sunlight and by changes in the weather. Temperatures become dramatically cooler and the rains come as if they are intended to wash the dead leaves from the trees. God gave the prophet Joel a vision that clearly indicated that the rains were the Lord’s gift to His people, and in that vision it was made clear that even the timing of that rain was something that God managed and designed as a small part of His very intricate plan for this world. The fall rains come and they surround the roots of plants and the in ground seeds with the moisture that they will need to sustain them through the winter. Then, in the spring, the rain comes at a time when new life is ready to respond to the warmth of the sun.


The Lord has a well crafted plan, and He is never quiet or uninvolved in its execution. Just as God does with the rain for the earth, Christ does for each of His people. He delivers each and every thing that we need to sustain us at the place in life where we are, and He also provides the deep nourishment that we will need in the future. Christ feeds the soul with His love, grace, mercy, and understanding so that we can grow in our own capacity to respond to life with these same qualities. His perfectly timed rain brings about growth that matches the season that each of us is experiencing.


My heart sings with the joy of the certainty of knowing that Christ will pour out His loving rain onto my head today, and I rejoice daily in being soaked in the presence of His Spirit. Christ saves my soul, and He preserves my spirit from the daily assaults that evil launches. The Lord gives me the strength to grow and to stand upright despite the forces of this natural world that rage against me. He plants me deeply in the rich soil of His word, and the Lord nourishes my heart and mind with the rich water of His Word. This is all a part of God’s economy, and He does it so that Christ’s glory will be revealed through the fruit of my life.