In the way of your testimonies I delight

as much as in all riches.

Psalm 119: 14


The writer of this psalm has used words that are not all that popular in our world, within our culture, and often to ourselves. He speaks of purity, commandments, statutes, and rules, and he also sets out sinlessness as the goal of all of this. Most people struggle with following the direction of another to the degree that we seek to place our lives under their authority and take direction from them in the sort of absolute manner that is stated here. Even when we know Christ and use the term Lord when we speak of and to Him, we don’t truly mean it in an all inclusive, surrendered and yielded way. Too often Lord is a term of honor or just a convenient name for God, but it is not an expression of complete submission and a marker of unwavering obedience.


Yet, that is what God desires from us. He wants us to follow Him into life and throughout our daily journeys with absolute trust and out of a faith in Him that is imbedded deeply within our hearts and minds. Although God allows each of us to make our own decisions about the way that we conduct our lives, His will is met and His wishes are fulfilled when we seek out the truth of God’s Word and respond to it without question or deviation. In listening and responding to God’s voice we find life. That is both the eternity of living in the presence of God in Heaven and the joy and peace of dwelling in His presence throughout the remaining days of our current life.


We can accept and follow all of what God tells us to do, for His only motivation is love. God wants all people to know deeply the love that gave everything so that we could dwell in His presence fully. Sin is separation from God, and Christ has paid the price for all sin; this means that anyone who accepts Him is present with God. Still, if I wish to live in the fullest possible appreciation of that presence, I need to accept the fact that God has a plan for me and a purpose for my life that is greater than my own. If I wish to be filled with God’s imperishable riches, I must fill my mind and my heart with the treasure of His Word and faithfully live each day by walking along the Lord’s righteous path.