I will put my trust in Him.

Hebrews 2: 13


We may not think much about it, and that is the point, but every day we trust in a great many things and people. If we get into a car to drive somewhere, we trust that the people who designed and manufactured that car knew something about their craft. We also trust the other drivers on the road to have reasonable skill at operating their machines, and we rely on their good intentions to stay in their own space on the road. If we fly in an airplane, undergo a medical procedure, or deposit money in a bank; we are trusting others to do their jobs with skill and competency. My point is that we trust people and systems as an automatic part of the way we live. So, the question that comes to mind is, “Who do you trust when it comes to things that really matter?”


The important things, the ones that matter, involve relationships. This is where eternity is on view in our lives. In this area of life we find the satisfaction of our deepest needs, and we also get to know our truest selves. When it gets down to relationships that go deep and that are intended to last over time and through hard tests, people have one choice in where we can put our trust. Perhaps the writer of Hebrews can help us with this bit of foundational understanding. In this verse we have the voice of Jesus speaking about the fact that He places His trust in the Father. It would seem that if it is good enough for Jesus, then, it should be sufficient for me.


God’s Word tells us about His character and His will for all of His creation. This certainly includes people. God not only commands, but He clearly demonstrates how we are to live. He has also gone through all of life with every generation of humanity from the beginning of time to this day, and God has answered our needs and provided us with everything that we require to succeed in the process of navigating the course of life. God’s faithfulness to us and His capacity to take us through this life with peace and joy in our hearts is without limit and is unstoppable. So, we are required to do one very big thing in all of this. We are asked to follow Jesus and trust God. This is true for every situation, in each event or happening, and with all of our relationships. When we do this, the prayer of our hearts can be, “I put my trust in Him.”