God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 16: 7b


This is an unfortunate truth that I deal with and that most of us do, too. We look at someone and make judgments about their worth and seek to get to know them better or to avoid them based on nothing more than our first impressions of their appearance. Additionally, people are doing the same thing to us most of the time. So, we live in a world where opportunities to have our lives enriched by the deep insights and theĀ interesting personalities of various people are lost due to the judgmental nature of people.


The ability to see beyond the externals and to value the real qualities of people is a characteristic of God, and this same ability to see the real person is something that the Lord wants all of His children to learn from Him, too. When we are willing to take the time to get past the difficult aspects of other people so that we start to truly know them and when we stay engaged with them enough so that God’s Spirit begins to provide us with a clearer understanding of their hearts and minds, we are blessed by these wonderful people.


When God looks at each of us, He sees an image of Himself, Thus, He wants us to open our eyes so that we can also see Him in others. As God relates to us, He understands the needs and the hurts of our souls. The Lord wants us to allow others into our lives so that we can understand them at this same level. God’s involvement with me brings blessings and joy into my days; so, He wants me to seek to do the same for the people that HeĀ has placed into my life. In doing this, I speak Christ and His grace and love to others, and I get to know my Lord in new and beautiful ways through seeing His touch in their lives.