Nothing is hidden except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret except to come to light.

Mark 4: 22


This is Jesus speaking, and the idea that He shares is one that changes everything in our world. The exposure that the presence of God in the flesh in our world brings about starts at the deep place of the spiritual, but it moves outward to illuminate every aspect of earthly existence. Christ came to set people free from the death grip that sin held on our souls and on our lives as well. He does this by bringing the truth of God’s holy and righteous word to the world and by making it fully accessible to anyone who desires to know God. Essentially, this is the light that Jesus had spoken of just before the statement above. This light of heaven makes everything visible, and it also opens the eyes of people who know its author to our own sin darkened natures.


Christ’s work of revelation is what changes our world. He engages with each of us who surrender our lives to Him, and His Spirit works within us to transform us from dark to light, from death to life. As our eyes are opened and our hearts are enlightened, the life that we conduct should begin to express more and more of the nature and the character of God as revealed through Jesus. This is the method that God is using in these days to change this world. His transformative work in individuals is gathered into His body, the church where that spiritual and corporeal growth continues in a fellowship of worship. Engagement with the world is a powerful and a visible expression of that worship.


Fully embracing the light of Christ is not an easy thing to do. It reveals everything. That means that all of our dark places and well-protected secrecies are on view to God and their danger and darkness are made known to us as well. Yet, in surrender to Christ, these sin-controlled aspects of our lives are transformed into righteous thoughts and actions. When our eyes are opened to the deep spiritual and physical needs of our broken world, Christ leads and directs us into engagement with the people around us so that the light of Christ that is within our spirits can shine onto their personal darkness. In so doing, Christ works through each of His people and through His church to change the world.