Lead me in your truth and teach me,

for you are the God of my salvation;

for you I wait all the day long.

Psalm 25: 5


When we surrender ourselves to Christ, we receive a rather remarkable package of blessings. Yet, some of them don’t always seem so pleasant or joyous to the recipient; at least not in the moment. The teaching that God does in us can be disturbing and unsettling. He opens our eyes to His truth, and that usually challenges some of the things that we have thought previously. It also collides with the way that most of us have conducted our lives; so, this newly revealed truth tends to force us into new disciplines and practices with the result that we are stretched and forced to allow Christ to reshape the basic rhythms of our days.


Yet, as David had discovered, our salvation is found in the Lord. Although eternity might seem like a very significant subject, this salvation is much bigger than even that. This is about Christ removing us from under the tyranny of living as slaves to the sin of our births and freeing us to dwell in His kingdom of grace, love, and mercy every day that remains in our earthly lives. In Christ, we are granted the blessing of the presence of the Holy Spirit as our unceasing companion and guide. He speaks the truth of God into the core of our beings, and provides wisdom and counsel to direct our steps along this day’s path. This is that new way of thinking and of living that is often so hard for us to settle into. These are the new disciplines and practices that will, over time, reshape our lives.


This process of acceptance and change is seldom easy. Our old nature with its settled ways of thinking and practiced routines does not quickly accept the new. In addition, we live in a world that possesses a powerful spiritual realm, and there are forces at work in our world that fight against the transformation of even one life. Although these voices of doubt and regret have no real or eternal power, they still speak confusion and fear into our ears, and they can and do cause very real anguish in our hearts. This sort of internal struggle may have been a part of what motivated David to cry out to the Lord with these words that seek out His leading and instruction. Like David, when this world speaks confusion into our hearts, we can turn to Christ with God’s words of truth and seek His guidance in traveling along the path of salvation.