I have said these things to you to keep you from falling away.

John 16: 1


This world does not provide a very friendly or secure place for people to live. This is a reality that almost everyone faces. There is no protective shield or magic potion that covers us up and that keeps the evil that runs throughout the atmosphere from touching us in places that matter. Yet, in direct opposition to the forces of this world that are intent on causing hurt and harm stands Christ. He came into this world to provide the certainty and the soul-deep security that people need and desire. He, alone, stands between all that is evil and our lives. The presence of Christ in this world brings about the singular opportunity that people have to enter into a relationship with God that is permanent and absolute.


Yet, even for those of us who do know Christ, the forces of this world work diligently to bring about confusion and doubt. Admittedly, it is not easy to understand everything that goes on in our world or in our lives. Loss and pain are difficult to comprehend, and moral absolutes can feel very harsh or unloving. Yet, life is fond in God’s Word, and peace is enjoyed by trusting in Christ and through resting in those moral absolutes. Life is sacred, all lives are significant to God, and there are no circumstances that override these facts. People matter more than institutions, and lovingly caring for the needs of others is an important aspect of living out the Gospel of Christ. In the end, what we do and why we do it is what is important. Christ enables people to set aside fear and self-protection and enter into loving others and our world for the sake of the Kingdom of God.


These thoughts may seem rather disconnected, but they are a part of the way that Christ seems to be saying that He is leading me deeper into Himself. So, in that light, He is also protecting my heart and my mind from falling into the traps that this world tries to set for Christ’s followers. If I care about life, I must care for the living. If I am invested in people, I must love them regardless of where they are from, what god they worship, or differences in their language and customs. Christ holds His people close to Him. He embraces us with a holy and righteous love that leads people into service to His will. As we follow the will of Christ, we are strengthened in our capacity to resist the evil that surrounds us, and as we so resist, we grow closer to our Lord.