Examine me, O Lord, and try me; test my mind and my heart.

Psalm 26: 2


David must have a been a bit off when he penned these words; since, my sense of David is that he was a very real man with flaws, weakness, and the sort of sinful heart that I possess. So, to ask God to look this closely at his mind and his heart was to ask the Lord to shine His righteous light into David’s darkest and most desperately hidden places, and this focuses way too much attention on those flaws of character to be comfortable or seem safe. Yet, that is exactly the point of doing what David did.


There is no time of greater need for the close scrutiny of the Lord than when I am experiencing deeply rooted pain, fear, anxiety, or than when my mind and my heart are dwelling on thoughts and images that are sinful. These are times when I don’t want anyone to know what is going on inside of me, and during these points in my life, I am certainly not operating out of a close and an open relationship with my Lord. However, this life of hiddenness is a plainly irrational way to operate, and it is highly dysfunctional, too.


When I invite the Spirit of Christ into my deepest recesses, I am actually just recognizing a reality that already exists, for He is a part of me, and He is fully aware of everything that goes on inside of me. The imaginings of my mind and the yearnings of my heart are tangible facts to God. Even when the contents of my inner self are at their darkest point, the Lord is never harsh and judgmental with me; rather, He does what He needs to do to redirect my thoughts onto His will and He orients my heart toward His righteous way of living. One of the best ways to stay centered and focused on the healthiest path through the day is to continually seek God’s insight and wisdom and to be transparently open to His Spirit’s examination of all of my inner self. Like David, the Lord’s examination of my heart can lead to healing as I yield to His will.